MODBUS Equipment
Measurement Uncertainty: Calculator of Uncertainty


BusWorks 900EN and EtherStacks ES2000 Ethernet I/O ModulesES2161/ES2162, 32-Channel Differential Current or Voltage Analog Input

EtherStax Ethernet I/O blocks, ES2151, ES2152

967EN 968 EN I/O Modules

Ethernet Analog Output Modules, ES2171

958EN 16-channel single-ended voltage input

901MB-0900 Discrete Input Module

902MB-0900 Discrete Output Module

942MB Frequency/Pulse Counter Module

918MB Analog Output Module

917MB Analog Output Module

934MB Analog Input Module

932MB Analog Input Module

924MB Analog Input Module

914MB Analog Input Module

913MB Analog Input Module

906MB Discrete I/O Module

905MB Discrete Output Module

904MB Discrete Input Module

903MB-0900 Discrete I/O Modules

ES2113 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

ES2153 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

ES2163 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

ES2164 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

ES2171 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

ES2172 EtherStax Ethernet I/O Block

BusWorks 951EN 952EN

BusWorks 961EN 962EN

BusWorks 965EN

BusWorks 963EN 964EN

BusWorks 966EN

BusWorks 972EN 973EN

BusWorks 981EN 982EN 983EN

BusWorks 989EN

BusWorks 993EN

BusWorks 994EN

BusWorks XT I/O Modules

VPM3000 Series Universal Transmitter/Alarm with Display

MODBUS SCADA Software example.

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